Business Solutions


85 000 sq.m of storage space in the Rhône-Alpes region

Solutions for industry

The factory in the warehouse : integrated industrial operations

SOTRADEL, value-added logistic solutions

SOTRADEL teams’ skills

  • Hydraulic mechanics
    • bending
    • pre-setting
    • tapping
    • assembly of mechanical components
    • cutting-out and drilling of metal
    • tests
    • customized packing and packaging
    • etc
  • Electricity and electronics
    • assembly of electrical components
    • electronic addition
    • assembly of optional pièces and
    • component control
    • cable cutting and packaging
    • etc.
  • Installation on sites and construction sites
    • floor delivery
    • set connection (LCDscreens, etc.)
    • configuration
    • part/packaging exchange
    • etc.

A specific know-how and suitable resources for tailor-made services

SOTRADEL gets involved in an industrial approach, providing innovative solutions, and contributes to its customers’ competitiveness and development.
SOTRADEL teams are trained and qualified for these operations and ensure quality services, carefully suited to customers’ spécifications. 

60 000 sq.m of storage space in the Rhône-Alpes region

  • Warehousing
  • Picking
  • Inventory management, batch numbers, serial numbers, Best Before date…
  • Container unpacking
  • Packaging
  • Bundling
  • Packing
  • Etc.

SOTRADEL, the supply chain partner

The expertise of SOTRADEL’s staff in supply chain management 

SOTRADEL provides evolving solutions to comply with customers’ development 
SOTRADEL provides skills and expertise of its teams charged with analysis and development of logistics process:

  • Warehouse organisation: areas, means and resources, equiment, IT tools
  •  Stock layout and sizing management
  •  Organisation and optimisation of transports
  • Operations management and follow-up : implementation of performance indicators, etc.

Our business solutions

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